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Use your voice to convince others

Are you aware of what the tone of your voice says about you?

Optimize your interpersonal communication and learn to use your voice appropriately.

Why take part in a meeting or networking session, or give a presentation, if your voice creates the wrong impression in others?

Why contact so many potential clients if your voice does not transmit confidence? They won't buy from you!

Few professionals use an appropriate tone of voice in meetings, presentations or negotiations.

Do you want to be one of them or would you prefer to carry on talking without communicating effectively?

The tone of your voice and the way that you speak say much about you: your feelings, your state of mind and your attitudes. Your voice is unique and could be your best calling card.

Make your presence and your voice unforgettable and achieve your professional goals through authentic, effective communication.

Now is the time to learn to use your voice to transmit who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it in a way that really convinces others.


Voice coaching and training aimed at

Lideres, managers y ejecutivos

Leaders, managers and executives

Lideres, managers y ejecutivos

Contact center operators

Lideres, managers y ejecutivos


Lideres, managers y ejecutivos

Sales representatives

Lideres, managers y ejecutivos

Speakers and presenters


Your communicative skills
and achieve your
professional goals

The impact you have
on your public through
your presentation

Contact with your
and future clients

Contact with your employees, partners and colleagues
I've obtained excellent results for different business
clients and organizations using my patented method of
voice coaching (the VaBe-System) since 2008
Elena Tecchiati

My name is Elena Tecchiati soy
I'm a psychologist, coach and trainer
I help business professionals
who wish to communicate
efficiently and effectively
using the magic of the
voice and language.

  • Professional coach certified by ASESCO
  • Asesco
  • AAP and Valle-System trainer and Voice coach
  • Teacher of diaphragmatic breathing
    the Dr Parow method
  • Singer, speaker and presenter
  • Organizational psychologist
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